The Word from the Secretary General

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
I had the honour and the privilege to be nominated Secretary General of the Society for Immuno-infectiology in Europe about 9 years ago, and we have worked side by side, achieving many goals during these years.
The fact I have been elected secretary general for such long time is the proof of the special feeling grown during the years between SOIE fellows and myself. This give me even more energie sto give you my best.
In addition, I would like to express my gratitude to Prof Carl Herbort for what he did and what he will do for SOIE.
In addition, a special thank should be done to the former SOIE Board Members which supported day by day our society.
Last but not the least, I do really want to welcome the new board members of SOIE, which will represent the powerful engine of SOIE.
It is still my deep intention to interact with you, trying to improve the diffusion of our core message and of our educational work, by promoting friendly contacts and mutual help.
Looking forward to work with all of you, I wish you all the best.



The Word from the new
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Administrative Secretary:
A. Belkhodja, Axécible
Bd de la Cluse 67
CP 206 1211 Geneva 4
Tél.: +4122 329 0473
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