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Type of society and registration of the society

SOIE is a non profit organisation without limitation in time following article 60 and subsequents of the Swiss Civil Code, and registered in the city of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Aims and functions of the society

To form an association of ophthalmologists and other doctors or scientists having an interest in the field of Ophthalmo-Immuno-Infectiology.

Aims :

* share mutual experiences in order to contribute to the progress of each member in this field.
* promote education by organising or sponsoring symposia or courses or by contributing to publications in this field.
* promote contacts between clinical centres in order to realise collaborative studies


The society will be governed by an executive committee (EC) of 11 members and an International Advisory Board (IAB).

Executive Committee (EC) :

This committee will be formed of 11 members, including the functions of president, 3 vice-presidents, a secretary general, a vice secretary and a treasurer. The accumulation of some of the functions is allowed.

The term for each member is 4 years, since confirmation by the general assembly. Members can be re-elected once. For subsequent terms an EC member must have been out of office for one term.

New members of the EC will be chosen among members of the IAB by the executive committee. They will be voted in by the EC and presented for approval in front of the general assembly. Nominated candidates and possible contenders will be voted in by a simple majority.

The first executive committee will be composed of 11 members including all the 5 (five) founding members. The founding members will adopt the first by-laws during a constitutive assembly and they will have to be confirmed by the first general assembly, to be held within the 24 first months after the constitution of the Society (SOIE).

Despite the name of the Society, non-Europeans are welcome to become active members of the SOIE as well as members of the executive committee, as long as their number does not exceed 4 (four).

International Advisory Board (IAB) :

The IAB will be constituted by 1-5 members per country (depending on the size of the country) and participants to this council will not be limited to European countries.

The first IAB will be constituted by the members proposed by the Executive Committee. Thereafter any candidate can become a member of this Board. Candidates will be presented with the endorsement of one member of the society and will be accepted or not by a vote of the EC after consideration of the curriculum of the candidate. A minimum of activity in ophthalmo-immuno-infectiology is required and the vote should be unanimous.

They will be voted in by a simple majority during the following general assembly.


All candidates who might want to become members, have to be endorsed by one active member upon presentation of their application to the president's office. The president will send the application by e-mail to all other members of the executive committee. If there is no opposition to the candidate after 3 weeks, the candidate is admitted as soon as his first membership fees have been paid. If there is an opposition, the opposing arguments will be sent to all members of the executive committee and the candidate will only be admitted if there is a 2/3 (two thirds) majority of positive votes. Every active member will be allowed to vote during the general assembly or during mail or e-mail voting. He will be allowed to make proposals during the general assembly or by e-mail. The complete list of members will be available to all active members.

Members can give their resignation at any time. The fees paid at that moment will not be reimbursed and will remain the property of the society.

Members are automatically excluded upon non-payment of membership fees during 2 consecutive years.

Membership fees

The membership fees are decided by the EC. For the first year it will be fixed at 50€ per year. The SOIE membership will probably be linked to an ophthalmologic journal the subscription to which the memebership fee will be automatically included. This agreement is still pending. In case of successful negotiations the yearly membership fees will include the subscription to the journal but should not exceed 200€.

Additional financial resources will come from possible donations, sponsorships, etc.

Relation with the Socit d'Ophtalmo-Immuno-Infectiologie Francophone? (SOIF)

French-speaking members of SOIE will automatically also become members of the SOIF (Soci?t? d?Ophtalmo-Immuno-Infectiologie Francophone) for no additional fee.

Approved by the founding members in Lausanne on September 8, 2005

Carl P. Herbort, MD,PD, fMER, FEBO

Bahram Bodaghi, MD, PhD, Prof. Agr.

Luca Cimino, MD

Phuc LeHoang, MD, PhD, Prof.
Carlos Pavesio, MD, FRCOphth


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